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I am the NO1 fan of reflexology in the world

Owner Tomoko Otsuka

It was 1994 when I first came across reflexology.  I wasn't sick, but was fatigued from day to day.  One day, I tried a foot massage that was still relatively unknown in Japan, all my fatige faded away like magic.  I felt like spreading this feeling to others, and went to Taiwan to learn from my master.

Reflexology is popular now in Japan, but still relatively unknown here in Hawaii.  I was lucky enough to get a chance to live here in Hawaii and want to spread the word through the training of therapists, and offer visitors to Hawaii the ultimate experience by throwing all my knowledge and experience through Oasis Spa.

I am blessed with the best partner and staff, and look forward to improving Oasis, bringing you happiness, by offering the best reflexology in the world.

Trained by the founder of Taiwanese Reflexology, Master Lin Mei Getsu
Professional and Trainer's license issued by Jakuseki Health Research Lab in Taiwan
Opened Foot Massage salon "Foot Zone" in Shibuya, Tokyo in 1996
Self-Care seminars, Reflexologist education and training
Opened Oasis Spa in Hawaii, in the Ala Moana area in 2009


Yuki Kuramochi-Willet    

My mother used to massage my hand and foot when I was a child. As the years went by, I in turn, started to massage my mother and grand mother, and learned the joy of making people happy. I attended a sports-oriented professional school and studied shiatsu and anma techniques centered around sports.  

Moved to Hawaii after completing the course, and met Tomo (owner) during preparations for applying for a massage license. I was surprised upon experiencing first-hand, the effects of reflexology. I could feel my stomach work, my shoulder and hip became lighter, even when these parts were not directly touched!  I was deeply moved by this massage method, and through Tomo, my interest in reflexology mounted and with her training, started working here. In 2009, we opened Oasis Spa, and became Tomo's partener. Unlike Japan, most people never experienced reflexology in Hawaii.  

Through Oasis Spa, I want to show what I personally experienced to all the locals and visitors.  I want to support your daily health routine and help spread laughter and smiles.